First impression


“What took you so long, Eline?” Well…I have this disease called lazyzitis, and it always affects me in my most productive  moments, leaving me only with doing nothing useful for the rest of the day…

It’s a hard life, but there is a need for more awareness and understanding, so all people suffering from this terrible disease will finally have a voice in this anti-lazyzitis world!

Okay, enough with the pigeon-poop… Here’s the outfit.

The red skirt is from ZARA, the grey top from New Look and the yellow shoes from ZiZa, the necklace also from New Look.

My nail art for this week, is very stripey, if you haven’t noticed… I always loved black nailpolish, but it gets boring after a while to constantly wear black, so let’s spice it up a bit by using stripes!

AND! I told myself not to forget about this to tell you, so I’m gonna do this right now!

I’m so happy the flowery, pastel collections in all stores is disappearing. Okay, this is my opinion, and my opinion only, but I’ve gotten soooooo tired of constantly seeing flirty, frilly, drilly, flowery clothes everywhere. For someone like me, who likes to wear rockish kind of clothing, clothes that make a statement ( I’m not saying that frilly clothing can’t make a statement, they just make a different statement than rockish clothes.) the frustration of having to deal with all these girly, ladieda clothing was building up… I couldn’t find anything I like anymore… that’s probably the underlying reason for the development of my shoe addiction… If I can’t shop for clothing, I have to shop for shoes, and accessories…

The new collection in H&M is really my thing, green ( perfect for redheads), black ( I ❤ black) and leopard… Almost my favourite fashion concepts! Missing is chains and leather ( I know what you’re thinking, not chains and leather in that way, you dirty-minded hentai). I just hope it will stay that way for a very, very long time, so I can finally spend money ( I don’t have) on clothes!

But talking about a ompletely different aspect now. If I haven’t mentioned it yet in my previous blog posts, I’m a big otaku, manga/anime fan. Which is actually pretty sad, since I’m almost 21. The big 2-1. Let’s not talk about that yet, I’ll dedicate a melancolic, depressing, emotional, dramatic post about that later. (It will be about Ben & Jerry’s, Moulin Rouge and bed-crying all day.)

So anime. It all started out with an anime my brother recommended to me, since I was already so much into korean dramas and such.. SO I started looking and becoming addicted, in the exam period. Perfect timing, I know….

But I’ve seen my fair share of animes and I would like to share them with you.

My favourites ( please keep in mind that I’m a girl, who believes in the prince-on-the-white-horse-shit and that I love to poison my already tainted mind even more by watching fictional love stories, making my idea about love impossible.)

1. Kaichou wa Maid-sama

2. Special A

3. Pandora’s Hearts

4. Skip beat

5. Fruits basket

6. Vampire Knight+ sequel Vampire Knight Guilty

7. HoneyxHoney drops

8. Kyou koi wa hajimemasu

9. Shugo Chara

10. La corda d’oro

11. Heart no Kuni no Alice ( my favourite)

12. Neo Angelique Abyss

13. Ouran High School Host Club

I will update this list later, same with my list of favourite manga’s. I can also make a list of my favourite korean dramas, all coming up, but this post has gotten so long already, I don’t wish to bore you any more! ^^

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