So it’s true what they say about women…

Sales haven’t been good to me this year, I haven’t been able to find ANYTHING decent… sad face.


The tables have turned for me today, I have committed  one of the biggest stereotipical sins a woman can commit. I have bought 3 pairs of shoes today! 3!!!!!!!

Just writing this makes me feel sad/happy again… Sad because I spent money, I shouldn’t have spent.

Happy because now I have 3 beautiful new babies for my collection!

But, they will not be accepted by their cousins and nieces… my mother/dad can not find the reasons why I have to have so many shoes. Honestly, I’m scared to count them. I don’t wish to be labelled as one of ‘those Jessica Parker’ women…

What will happen to me now? Before you now it, I will go mad and end up freezing my creditcards just like that chick from     ‘ a diary of a shopaholic’ and if you end up like that, that’s just sad… so so sad.

I don’t think I’ll end up like that, because I’m special in a way. Spending money for me, is like a stomach ache. I go shopping, but every time I slide my card, there’s like a wave of unhappy feelings going through me. I call it my ‘ shopping alarm’, but mine’s a bit broken. It goes off EVERYTIME I use the damn card… so, that’s why usually I don’t spend that much money.

But, after buying 3 pairs of shoes today, I started contemplating…

list of excuses:

1. I work hard, so I earn to have these shoes.

2. I know I don’t really need them, but I always wanted a pair of yellow heels.

3. I deserve them, because my grades in july were very pleasing.

4. They’re soooo comfy!

5. I’ll spend less next month.

Is that what every woman does? Trying to make up excuses for what they bought?

If that’s my sad fate, then I will end this now! I will not feel sad anymore… okay… maybe a little, because if we don’t feel guilty at all, we’ll end up like the chick from ‘ A diary of a shopaholic’ and girl, YOU DO NOT WANNA GO THERE!

If we can just find a balance, then we’ll be fine, right?


  1. Story of my life. I go out looking to buy one pair of very specific shoes because I a) need them for an outfit or b) a pair got chewed up by my dog and needs replacing, and I walk out of the store with at least 2 pairs of shoes, usually neither of which fits what I was originally looking to buy.

    1. I know exactly how you feel… But if you look at it from the bright side, we now have new shoes which we can wear on other occasions, cause if you’re looking for a specific pair then, you won’t find them as well! ^^

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