My beginning…


First of all, I never really got how people would spend their time on blogs, since it is time-consuming, hard and a bit obnoxious, so be easy on me here. ^^ But after going through sooooooooo many blogs, and believe me, I’ve been through a few, I realized what they all have in common. It’s some sort of legacy, your stamp in the world, your story…

Why not share mine then? First of all let me disappoint you, I haven’t been slaying dragons, keeping up the Kardashians or invented the cure to cancer. The only thing I have really achieved, is living a normal, everyday life; practically one  of a no-lifer. 


1. nolifer  
Nolifer, as opposed to lifer, is a person with no life. Most of the time this word is applied to people who use computers often by people who don’t.

Source: UrbanDictionary ( don’t want a lawsuit coming my way for plagiarism…)

Yep, definitely me… ^^ 

The thing is, I’m not that simple-minded… Actually not simple at all. I’m pretty complex, get it 😉 ? “But why, Eline? Why? Please, enlighten us?” Well, I will tell you. You know when you watch those movies and they always say “Live your life to the fullest, my boy.” And then you get all teary-eyed and depressed because you reflect a fictional movie on your own life, wishing your life was as cool as theirs? Well, that’s my everyday story really….

This is me:


( Me, trying to impress you with one of my best pictures, hoping that you will continue to follow this blog 🙂 Sooo sneaky, soooooo sneaky… )

Well, it started out on August 10th, 1991. The birthy of a redheaded, though then black-haired girl, called “Eline”. She was a bit noisy, and a bit yellow, but she managed to survive. During the process of growing up, she never really did something bad, besides frustrating her parents with her unreasonable behaviour, like structured seating at the dinner table ( which I still consider to be a normal thing…). She didn’t stood out very much, besides the fact that she became a redhead, got more freckles on her body in comparison to all the stars in the Milky Way. She went through some bullying, note the red hair…–> Pippi Longstocking references were getting boring after a while. So no braids for me in those years… But she grew up to become a fine lady… Went through her high school, one miserable, pathetic relationship ( that only lasted one pathetic month) and then went to university. Where on this day, I still am…

Getting bored yet? 

But after contemplating on my life’s goal. I have decided something, I will follow my dreams to become a fashion representative or ladida… I want to become like Anne Hathaway in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. See, references to fictional movies. Totally possible, Eline, keep believing that, sweetie… 

And this is what this blog will be all about. Me, my “life” and my fashion, which I do love! Truly! Madly! Deeply… 


This can go on for ages, you know…

So before I make you kill yourself, let’s just wrap it up for today and continue this tomorrow.


Evaluation: I think I did a pretty good first Blog job… (Oh no, the mind’s going crazy about that one) (sooo naughty, soooo naughty). I do hope I can keep this up… :p

Hugs and kisses, 


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